As discussed in our previous article, “How to Measure Building Heating BTU without Measuring Hot Water Loop or Steam Flow” the typical building requires energy measurement devices and the measurement of both the Heating and Cooling in order to measure total building energy consumption. In order to make these measurements it has traditionally required two flow computers, two flow meters, and four temperature sensors, together they make up for energy measurement devices. This does not take into consideration other possible sub metering needs such as, domestic hot water and other point-of-use measurements, including laundry, kitchen, labs, etc.

Traditional flow computers will provide calculations for a single energy measurement loop, which includes one flow meter and two temperature sensors. In return, this requires multiple flow computers to address all the measurement needs within a single building. With the development of the HEATX2 this requirement may be cut in half as the HEATX2 provides two loops of calculation in one flow computer, which includes two flow meters and 4 temperature sensors. In addition to on board data archiving, there is a customizable digital display with a multi use local color group of six to allow any calculated measurement to be added or removed per the end user preference in the energy measurement devices.

At minimum it is now possible to eliminate one flow computer, and it may be possible to eliminate a flow measurement and a temperature measurement (see our next post on “How to reduce cost and simplifying or eliminating flow measurements”, while providing better accuracy and less installation cost.)