Application: BTU Energy Systems

The BTU Energy Meter

As energy costs continue to rise, along with the growing desire for conservation, the need for accurate measurements has become increasingly critical in performance verification applications.

Traditional BTU systems utilize mechanical or differential flow elements (turbine, variable orifice, pitot tube, orifice plates), which are relatively inaccurate and have other downsides as well. Our BTU energy systems will improve your  overall accuracy by as much as 400 percent, by utilizing our CMAG or EMAG flow meter, which eliminates the most inaccurate system component, which is the traditional flow measuring technology.

We will eliminate your concern over accurate and reliable flow measurement. We offer the most accurate, repeatable, and reliable BTU energy measurement system on the market.  Below are the BTU energy measurement options we provide:

Cadillac® HEATX-2 BTU Energy Meter

HEATX-2 BTU Energy System is the first Dual channel, graphical display archiving device for Hot/Chilled water measurement or for any Energy system where liquid is the carrier media.

Cadillac® HEATX BTU Energy Meter

Combined with precision matched 4-wire RTD assemblies, and the HEATX BTU / Energy computer Cadillac® Meters offer the most accurate BTU/Energy measurement system currently available for measurement and billing purposes.

Cadillac® Energy CMASS Meter

The Cadillac® CMASS Mass Flow / Energy systems are designed to measure the energy consumed in Super-Heated Steam and Natural Gas applications.

Cadillac® CDIS BTU Energy Meter

CDIS Energy flow station for Saturated Steam flow energy measurement.

Cadillac® Energy CU-E Meter

With rising fuel costs the need for improvements in energy measurement has driven the Cadillac® Energy Measurement Systems to be acknowledged as the new industry standard.

Cadillac® CU-TE Compact Ultrasonic Meter

With fuel costs still on the rise and a need for improvement in energy measurement in smaller building spaces, Cadillac® is ready to introduce a low cost, compact Energy Measurement System to address these

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