Application: Condensate

The Cadillac® Condensate Meter

Based on the simple principle that a pound of steam equals a pound of water, the volume of condensate measured can be converted into a measurement of steam consumption. Our meters do this by measuring the volume of condensate, then adjusting for its density, offering users a reading in pounds.

The Cadillac Condensate Meter, both gravity and pumped, measures liquid or condensate. Whether you need to measure steam as a commodity or to determine the efficiency of a given system, our meters do so with highly reliable accuracy.

If you have a steam system where there is condensate, our condensate meters are the best option for you. They are available in two types:

The Cadillac® CG Gravity Condensate Meter is a totalizing meter which measures liquid or condensate. In any steam system where condensate is available, the CG Gravity condensate meter is the number one choice due to Cadillac®’s accuracy, reliability and infinite rangeability.

The Cadillac® CMAG pumped condensate flow meter is a totalizing device that is capable of measuring liquids of all types and consistency while providing an obstruction free flow path.

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