• BTU meters are absolutely essential in today’s world; with the electric meter market expected to grow at 6.7% CAGR from 2020 to 2025, there is no stopping this domain from increasing. 
  • The industry’s market size is expected to range from $20.7 Billion in 2020 to $28.6 Billion in 2025
  • The need for accurate measurement of chilled water’s thermal energy simply cannot be stated enough for commercial and residential buildings. They are easy to install, efficient pieces of optimal devices for billing users based on their energy usage. 
  • With a sharp rise in energy costs, there arose a need for reliable and accurate energy meters. However, energy meters are not just accurate and save you on financial fronts, but they are also uber-efficient in terms of protecting the environment. 
  • BTU energy meters, especially the ones we have at Cadillac, conserve energy and increase the system’s effectiveness by making a mark.
  • The advanced BTU meters, such as the ones provided by Cadillac, calculate cooling energy consumption, track accumulated energy consumption, offer real-time monitoring setups, store and automate data securely even if there is a power failure, and the accuracy has increased by 100% to 400%.

Now, let’s know more about the advanced set of energy meters and how they are making our lives easier-

Cadillac HEATX BTU Energy Meter

The HEATX BTU meter is apt to measure the energy consumption in heating and cooling of water in water systems. 


The metering system and device is a totalizing device that calculates and displays volume, energy, temperature, and peak energy usage using the two-precision matched 4-wire RTD’s. It also measures the volume of water flowing and computes the output of energy that is consumed.


This smart meter provides accuracy, reliability, rangeability, dependability, and consistency through its effective metering system. It can be used as an energy consumption data source for energy management systems, energy-customer billing, and internal cost distribution. It efficiently measures and monitors from central control rooms and offers direct energy measurements at both boiler and point of use locations.

Cadillac HEATX-2 BTU Energy Meter

The latest HEATX-2 BTU energy meter, the first of its kind, is a single or dual measurement system that measures the energy consumed in heating and cooling of water by providing a graphical color TFT VGA display. 


It has a special onboard memory of archiving and 10/100 base T Ethernet port along with a wide variety of communication regulations. It also comes packed with a USB port for easy transference of data. It works to the best of its capacity when paired with a Cadillac superior flow meter and provides the most accurate and maintenance-free energy measure system.


The Cadillac HEATX-2 BTU energy meter is designed with a 50 MB flash memory for archiving any redundancies. It also comes packed with energy review archiving software. This effective measuring system calculates the water’s weight density and enthalpy through its transmitters and computes the energy consumed based on that.

The Total Heat calculation, unique to the HEATX-2, allows the ability to calculate steam usage, hot water BTU and energy not consumed by using just a single CMAG flow meter and two temp sensors. The HEATX-2 is the only meter that calculates Total Heat as compared to other setups that require a Steam flow meter into the hot water Heat Exchanger, a volumetric flow meter and two temp sensors for the Hot water BTU calculation, and a volumetric or Mass flow meter to measure condensate and still cannot calculate Total Heat.

Cadillac Energy CMASS Meter

The Cadillac CMASS mass flow meter or energy system is designed as such to measure the energy consumed in superheated steam and natural gas applications. 


It is a rate and totalizing system that calculates and displays volume, volume flow rate, corrected volume, corrected flow rate, mass, mass flow rate, temperature, pressure, compressibility, volume, and enthalpy. It is an accurate and highly-efficient measuring system that uses volumetric flow, temperature, pressure inputs, and compressible media to calculate the mass flow and energy.


The Cadillac Energy CMASS meter allows you to define energy consumption through its efficient energy management system and district-wide systems, billing customers from accurately totalized energy and mass flow measurements, and measuring and managing central control rooms. It also serves as a basis for internal cost distribution by using the campus-wide systems. It is an apt apparatus to measure natural gas flow and superheated steam flow.

Cadillac CDIS BTU Energy Meter

The incredible Cadillac CDIS Remote display meter is specifically designed to provide a local, wall or panel mounted display in line with the Cadillac CV-P, CV-HS, CV-U Vortex MASS flow meters. 


This CDIS BTU energy meter is well synonymous with the HEATX BTU energy meter range as it provides the end-user with the same look and feels by displaying the same platform and configuration architecture. This meter is also a rate and totalizing device like the rest of the Cadillac meter ranges and can calculate the volume, MASS, and energy. It works phenomenally well when synced with the Cadillac’s superior flow meter technologies.


The Cadillac CDIS BTU energy meter is fully programmable. It allows the user to conduct K-factor, decimal point position, filter constants, and time base. It is available with 10-point linearization that provides for input correction to non-linear K-factors forming non-linearity Correction. It also showcases solid-state relay outputs and multiple display options.

Cadillac Energy CU-E Meter

The famous Cadillac Energy CU-E BTU meter is designed as such to measure the energy consumed in heating hot water and cooling cold water. 


This meter is a totalizing device that displays the volume, energy, and temperature. It feeds and returns the lines through two RD transmitters. It then calculated the density and enthalpy of the water. 


Cadillac Energy CU-E BTU meter is apt for measuring the volume of water flowing the system if synced to a Cadillac flow meter. This meter features two separate modes- the heating more where positive ΔT’s are totalized and the cooling mode where negative ΔT’s are totalized.