Central Station Steam is proud to announce the sale of our 1000th CMAG meter for condensate service. Originally designed for pumped condensate service with no flow profiling or piping straight run required, the CMAG has now been customer proven to be an excellent choice for gravity service as well!

Innovative flow tube and electronic design techniques provide the benefits of “no flow profiling” and significantly improved flow meter turn down while maintaining stated accuracy. By improving the signal to noise ratio the CMAG meter will measure at the same accuracy (+/- 0.25% of rate or reading) with a 300:1 turndown. What this means is unprecedented low flow measurement capabilities where no other volumetric flow meter can provide assuming they function at all!

Meter performance has now been proven with the following accuracies versus turndown.

1)      Accuracy of (+/-) 0.25% of rate or reading at a 300:1 turndown

2)      Accuracy of (+/-) 0.50% of rate or reading from 300:1 to 400:1 turndown

3)      Accuracy of (+/-) 1.00% of rate or reading from 400:1 to 500:1 turndown

Keep this in mind while most volumetric flow meter have a stated accuracy of (+/-) 1.0% accuracy at any where from 10:1 to 100:1 turndown. Even other magnetic flow meter technologies, which have stated accuracies as high as (+/-) 0.20% of rate accuracy, can only achieve a 100:1 turndown before they become logarithmically more inaccurate as velocity drops.

In addition the CMAG has superior operating capability a low conductivities. Operating in closed loop (not open to atmosphere) condensate service where conductivities have been verified with lab instruments to be at 3 uS/cm the CMAG are successfully operating. These are conductivities levels never achieved with traditional magnetic meter in the past.