You’re an engineer for a big company, university campus, or government agency. Your job is to identify and implement the best energy solutions for a pretty large geographic area. This means you need the right tools. Unfortunately, accuracy when it comes to billing is pretty subjective in this field.

A number of factors weigh in and can impact billing accuracy, from energy generation to output. Cadillac Meter is committed to responsibly using energy, and uses the latest technology to make it happen. As an engineer, who you partner with contributes to your carbon footprint and (most important to your company’s budget) how much your company spends on energy.

Which Meter is for You?

Industry experts rate condensate meters as the best available for accuracy measuring energy consumption. For Gravity Condensate you have the choice of the original Cadillac CG Condensate Meter or the new industry standard CMAG condensate meter. For pumped condensate the CMAG provides the ultimate solution. Both technologies prioritize accuracy and reliability by utilizing a steam system, by measuring the condensate, or liquid, which provides concrete, tangible proof of energy usage.

Engineers looking to improve accuracy and lower energy bills often choose a condensate meter, which unlike steam or compressible media measurement devices, is a zero flow based measurement, and does not lose accuracy or ability to measure with medium to low flow rates. However, there are other options depending on your company and needs.

Other Solutions

If you’re dealing with a water-based flow system, a hot/chilled meter is very popular. Unfortunately, these systems are prone to general wear and tear. Routine maintenance is required, and accuracy is spotty at best, especially at low flow rates common today with VFD driven pumping systems.

The Cadillac CMAG and EMAG Magnetic Flow Meters have vastly improved accuracy of hot/chilled systems and provide a cost-effective solution. Combined with the HEATX BTU Energy system you have a solution to improve accuracy by 100-400% over competitive options. No matter what corporation, campus, or energy source you’re managing, having the right technology can help you save money for your company and vastly improve reliability.

When managing wastewater, you have two possible solutions. A “regular” flow tube design or a new tube design. Both deliver a reduction in piping straight run requirements. However, with the CMAG revolutionary design there is zero velocity measurement gradient. It has completely alleviated prior issues with other traditional tube flows.

A History of Excellence + New Technology

Just like choosing a new physician, you want someone with experience—but someone who is also up to date on the latest advancements. Cadillac Meters has been an industry leader for over 100 years. At the same time, a top priority for this leader is looking for tomorrow’s solutions today. Engineers get the best of both worlds, the latest technology and assurance that energy will be optimized.

If you’re looking for natural gas solutions, the Vortex CV-U Meter can measure energy at low rates using ultrasonic technology. Steam meters can easily calculate compressed liquids and have no moving parts—which means highly accurate measurements. No matter what corporation, campus, or energy source you’re managing, having the right technology can help you save money for your company and vastly improve reliability.